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Sustainable Solutions For A More Sustainable World


NotJUST work with businesses of every size in order to help with their redundant, written-off, abandoned, and surplus stock and assets. We have the capacity to save and store stock in bulk, which can save you a pretty penny in disposal and incineration costs. 

Also, thanks to us using this stock to support communities and fundraise for our non-profit CIC, you’re giving yourself a big old tick next on your ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) Report.

Read on for some examples…

Business2Business (B2B)

The most popular feature of our project is B2B. NotJUST work with businesses all over the UK who end up with surplus or past best before stock. They get in touch with us, and we are able to collect or receive a delivery (we prefer delivery so we can save time for more of our efforts) of this stock in bulk. NotJUST will sort through it, quality test it (yum), and then determine where to put it so we can help our community and our project the most.

Case Study:

A restaurant distributor had 8 pallets that they were going to have to pay to dispose of. We were able to step in and save every one (plus an additional 3!). Thanks to this distributor, we were able to have luxury items in our food bank, and give away panetones for free!

warehouse clearance

Landlord Warehouse Clearance

Are you a new tenant moving into a warehouse, but the previous tenants went bump and left everything? And in that warehouse are there things like pallets of food and other stock, boxes, computers, labels, printers, pallet trucks, racking, bins, and cleaning materials? Contact us and we can go in and salvage everything possible for the benefit of the planet and many communities.


Case Study:

We were contacted by a warehouse clearance team after ‘The Tree Of Life’ went into liquidation. A warehouse had been left with 70 (70!) pallets of past best before stock. We were able to save it all, and now have discounted health foods available for our customers, in our food banks, and to share with community groups. Including gluten free oat and flour: and anyone with a gluten intolerance can tell you just how inaccessible free from foods can be…


Sometimes ports end up with stock that was damaged in transit, or became past best before. Thanks to our small fleet we are able to visit these ports and save the surplus.


Case Study:

We’re not afraid to get our hands dirty!

We came into contact with a loading port. A 40ft lorry spilled tins of sweetcorn during loading. The lads on the dock shovelled the sweetcorn into empty cardboard skips, filling up 5 in the process. The sweetcorn remained in the corner of the dock and they didn’t know what to do with it.

We took the skips and with our army of volunteers emptied them onto pallets. The tins were dirty, but the food was unspoiled. Our hardy team rolled their sleeves up and cleaned every single tin. What did we do with the sweetcorn?

We gave it away for free to the community, of course!

Commercial Waste Management Contacts

Another way we are able to save waste is through being contacted directly by commercial waste sites! If a company is trying to dispose of perfectly good stock in bulk, please give us a ding.


Case Study:

This has already happened twice! We have been contacted by waste management companies with pallets of hand sanitiser. We are able to save it all, and then share it with local community groups, schools, and hospitals. Yay!

Saving From Landfill

Clearing Out After An Expo

Often, Food Exhibitions are left with vanfuls of surplus food at the end. This food is still perfectly safe and tasty to eat. Many exhibitions now partner with food waste organisations to collect this food.


Case Study:

We are excited to be collecting surplus from the NEC Food & Drink Exhibition alongside Fareshare. All food we save will go into our food banks and community fridges and freezers. Thank you to everyone in the NEC organisation team for involving us!