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Some People Sharing Their Thoughts


We are so very grateful for all that you do, how much you help, and you're always so friendly. Times are currently very hard and we wouldn't be able to feed our families without you. 21/12/2022 Telford

Food Bank Client

I started using the community shop as a small move towards cutting down on food waste. I now go every week, still with that aim in mind, and also support the food bank with a donation.

Store Customer
Helen Alderson

Thank you so much for my experience in your new place in Wellington.

Store in Wellington
Mel Vity

Food surplus store raising funds to help less fortunate people, the store is based in the old Sainsburys shop, so it doesnt look great, but thie aim to help is fantastic. They are trying very hard to make this a community hub, where people can come together to help each other.

Andover Shopper
Bo B

I joined the project because I love the cause and I have stayed because I love the people. In my role I have been supported in my personal growth, and have been given opportunities to do things I never thought I would be capable of.

Team Member
Alice Bathie

I would have had to give up my dogs if I had not been able to get food from the Pet Food Bank in NotJUST Andover. I'm a volunteer with complex needs and struggle to hold down a proper consistent job.

Pet Food Bank Client