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Hello there, Waste Warriors! Welcome to our Community Hub; which breaks down all the work we do within local communities and hosts all our updates.

For those who don’t know: we are a waste prevention project, saving roughly 100 tonnes of food from landfill every month. We run Community Fridges, Food Banks, Pet Food Banks, and Fundraising Discount Stores. 

Who are we for? We are for EVERYONE, regardless of income or background. So we don’t want any of this ‘oh I’ll leave it for someone else who needs it’ nonsense. Our project saves enough food to fill multiple supermarkets – and we need as many people as possible to visit us so we don’t have to pay to dispose of the food ourselves. Be a dear, come and grab some bargains.


It’s hard fitting in, so we don’t try to.

Instead our team of 50 use our combined expertise in sales, logistics, marketing, networking, volunteering, AND CSR consulting to fit into the spaces others don’t have the time, resources, or moxie to fill. We pop up all over the UK to spread the word about food waste and support communities through the power of surplus. It’s simple!

  1. We are notified of an empty building.
  2. We work with other groups and forums to learn the needs of the community and the gaps in support.
  3. We assess our own assets to see how we can bridge those gaps.
  4. We bring said assets over to bridge said gaps.
  5. We sell discounted surplus food to all waste warriors to fund our local efforts.




Luv you Phil


Engage! Our project is your project too.

We save and distribute surplus food all over the UK, working hard to mobilise the extra 93% of food waste in the food business sector, but we need funds and exposure to meet our lofty goals. 

We want as many people involved with us as possible. Here are some ways you can bust out your cape and be a food waste warrior:

This is one of the best things you can do. Some of the some of the top reasons so much food is wasted in the UK are due to:

  1. Aesthetic preferences with food (from not buying dented tins to rejecting wonky fruit).
  2. A lack of understanding around best before dates.
  3. Food Businesses not yet being aware of our ESG services.

Alone we are but a squeak, but thanks to you warriors engaging with our posts, content, and spreading the word about us we can become a mighty roar. You can find us on every social media channel, and each of our bases has a dedicated Facebook page. Give us a follow! Give us a like! Maybe drop a cheeky comment! If you visit our page because of this website, please comment: ‘Hey Daisy! give poor little Alice a raise! She works so hard.’ Thanks, homie.

We provide free food, but acquiring the free food ain’t cheap! Cost of fuel, staff, overheads, maintenance, and cleaning is a lot more expensive than free. Even donating £1 will be a huge help. Seriously. And that’s like, an 8th of the price of coffee these days – at least it is for a good one with fancy milk and syrups. Click here to send funds.

Do you know of a food business with a serious amount of costly waste? Do you know of an empty building costing thousands in business rates?

Send ’em our way *cracks all knuckles and toes threateningly*.

We’ll sort em out good an’ proper with free solutions and an opportunity to support their local communities – don’t you worry.

Report them to our hotline here, we’ll take care of the rest.