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A consultation initiated by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) concerning the UK Veterinary Industry is set to conclude on April 11, 2024. This follows an initial survey conducted in September 2023, which garnered 56,000 responses highlighting various concerns within the industry to do with pricing. NotJUST A Pet Food Bank breaks down the concerns, and offers all owners a solution.

Identified Concerns:

Following their preliminary assessment, the CMA identified several key concerns, including:

  • Lack of Transparent Pricing: Pet owners face challenges accessing comprehensive price lists and prescription costs, potentially resulting in overpayments.
  • Dominance of Expensive Conglomerates: The market is dominated by expensive pet care conglomerates, squeezing out more affordable competitors and saturating the market.

Confirmation of Issues:

These findings corroborate accounts from our Pet Food Bank clients. High pet care expenses often translate to difficulties affording pet food, forcing many pet owners into the difficult decision of choosing between treating their pets or not. This challenge is widespread, as highlighted in a survey by Which? (December 2023), which reported that “7 in 10 pet owners consider vet consultation fees expensive,” and “8 in 10 find vet treatments and medications costly,” with only a minority deeming fees reasonable.

About NotJUST A Pet Food Bank:

We’re here to assist in such situations. If unexpected vet bills arise, rest assured that we offer a month’s worth of food. Simply visit our Pet Food Bank website page for both Self Referrals and Professional Referrals, and expect a response within 3 working days upon your submission. The form only takes 1 minute.

Important Reminder:

Please don’t hesitate to utilize the Pet Food Bank if you’re facing unexpected and/or overwhelming bills. Our services are available to all in need, regardless of circumstance. We are here to help you keep you and your furry companions happy, healthy, and together. Whether you’re in Andover, Telford, or Slough our friendly and professional team is here to support you.

We expect to continue to expand our Pet Food Bank, with an aim to reach more communities in the future.