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We are extending our heartfelt gratitude to Anton Vets for their incredible support in setting up a donation bin for our Pet Food Bank. Their generosity and willingness to help have significantly expanded our ability to assist pet owners in need within the Andover area through food donations and referrals.

Supporting Pet Owners

By partnering with us, Anton Vets can elevate their client and pet care. They can refer customers to our service, relieving the stress of unexpected pet bills. For instance, if Rover elects to ingest fridge magnets and requires emergency surgery, we’re here to help. Find our Andover branch at NotJUST A Café, 25 High Street, Andover, Hampshire, SP10 1LJ. Alternatively, you can find the forms here.

Supporting Our Pet Food Bank

Anton Vets’ support ensures our services reach a broader audience, particularly those without access to social media. Signposting is crucial in community support, and we’re eager to spread the word far and wide. The aim is to help as many people as possible. Of course, regular food donations are an added benefit!

Calling All Vet Practices, Join Us!

We invite vet practices in Andover, Slough, & Telford to follow Anton Vets’ lead. Join our mission to support pet owners facing financial difficulties. Together, we can ensure no pet goes hungry. Interested? Head to our dedicated page for more info. Not in the Andover, Telford, or Slough area? Explore the Official Blue Cross Pet Food Bank Map. Let’s make a difference together!