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Welcome, Food Waste Warrior and NotJUST Champion! Thank you for thinking of supporting our planet-loving project and all the vital work we do for communities. Read on to get involved.


Money is truly the best way you can support us. It means we can direct the funds straight to parts of our project that need support, and keep our show on the road. That means keeping our food banks open; community fridges stocked; saving food from landfill; and supporting local communities. Have a scroll for some ideas!

Group fundraising can be a great excuse to throw a socialising event, and get all the family involved in Giving Back. There are plenty of other fun ways to fundraise and support us - these are just suggestions! Here's some downloadable colour-me-in material:

Once you’ve raised your funds, please send them electronically to our paypal. You can also email us photos and information so we can thank you and your amazing efforts publically.


‘NotJUST A Store, NotJUST A Food Bank, Telford’ is a fundraising discount store with an independent food bank, pet food bank, and community fridge. 

Between 2021 – 2023, Telford gave out 195,000 days’ worth of food. This averages at 250 people per week. It also houses the only Pet Food Bank in Shropshire, and has helped 149 families in the last 90 days. It can save items in bulk and distribute to smaller projects without the resources for free – and does so routinely.

This branch is facing the threat of closure due to increased demand, building repairs, and the Cost of Living Crisis.

The team’s plan is to relocate to several smaller shops based around Telford: making our services more accessible. This fundraiser campaign is to help cover costs associated with moving, health & safety, and equipment. Without help, the Telford Branch will be forced to close which will have massive ramifications for the rest of the project and will threaten the security of our other locations.

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Volunteering your time to help us with the daily runnings of our project is a great way to get out an give back, and a massive help to our project. There are opportunities to volunteer in each of our locations, click here to learn more!


Hello Businesses!

If you are looking for a way to support our vital project, then look no further! Here are some ideas to get involved and use your business for good:

For more information on the benefits of working with us please head to our Corporate Hub.

For all offers please get in touch:

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