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NotJUST A MicroStore, Madely, is a place where eco-conscious shoppers can grab some food at bargain prices. Shopping here enables us to save more food from landfill, fund our food banks, and get up to all sorts of community shenanigans.

All food has been saved from landfill, and the majority is past best before. Past best before is a recommendation of quality, not safety, but we can assure you all our stock is still super tasty!

For more information on government guidelines and past best before stock, please visit

Note: we will NEVER sell food past its use by date.


In addition to being a regular place to shop, this store has both Food Bank and Pet Food Bank services.

For Food Bank services please enquire instore. Our team are super friendly and helpful!

For Pet Food Bank services, please visit our Pet Food Bank Page.

Thank you!


We are very active on social media! To stay updated on new stock, new deals, and new community fridge goodies be sure to follow our Facebook page for daily updates.