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Here you can learn about how ESG & CSR can apply to and benefit your food business, and how we can work together to create a more socially conscious world.


Whilst the UK had made huge strides in its mission towards food security and its goal to half food waste statistics by 2030, we still have a long way to go. The purpose of this alliance is to help your business support this cause.

Let’s crunch some numbers!

Ready to help make a change?

By becoming a member of our food waste alliance you will be helping the UK in its mission to promote a more sustainable future, and will cut your disposal costs in half.


Keen to improve your business’ ESG & CSR initiatives, but unsure if it’s the right move for your brand? We’ve been in this business for over 5 years now, and have broken down the most popular barriers for businesses… Read on to be assured.

When we receive surplus food, we carefully distribute it only to locations where we operate or share it with trusted charitable organizations in our network. Rest assured, any agreements regarding the use of donated food are documented in writing to ensure compliance with agreed-upon terms.

We understand this concern, though we assure you that surplus food even after its best before date is still super tasty. If maintaining brand separation is non-negotiable, we can collaborate to repackage donated items under our label while retaining essential ingredient and date information. This approach allows you to benefit from ESG initiatives, cost savings, and tax relief without compromising your branding. Win Win.

We prioritize food safety and quality through stringent quality control measures. Upon receipt, we log dates and extend shelf life based on our guidelines. For products nearing expiry, we label them as ‘freebies’ and recommend prompt consumption. Additionally, we confidently assume full liability for food handling and distribution, ensuring peace of mind for our partners.

Absolutely. Past best before dates indicate quality, not safety. Selling food past its best before date is legal and regulated. We adhere to industry standards and have passed inspections from Environmental Health and Trading Standards. However, we never deal with food past its use-by date, which is a safety concern.

We understand the logistical challenges of surplus management and offer comprehensive solutions. With our chilled vans and extensive capacity, we efficiently handle the collection and sorting of surplus food. Whether it’s mixed pallets, mislabeled stock, or chaotic situations, we’re equipped to manage it, minimizing hassle for our partners.


Surplus food disposal can incur significant costs for businesses. However, by partnering with us, you can save on disposal fees, which can amount to hundreds of pounds per pallet. Moreover, there are tax incentives available for UK food businesses that donate surplus food to charitable organizations and CIC’s like ours. Consult with your tax advisor to explore potential savings opportunities.

We have already helped a diverse range of businesses cut down on the corporate waste. Click the title to see our work!