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Community Fridge Rules


  1. Well hello there darlings! I’m a Community Fridge; a fridge that is available for all the community with no membership required. I am part of a waste prevention project run by the non-profit organisation NotJUST, and filled with delicious surplus they save from all over the UK.
    Anyone can collect from me, but I have some rules…



  2. I’m not exclusive, but I am limited. Due to the volume of items I hold, sometimes there is a limit per household to ensure everyone has a fair chance to grab a bit of my booty. If you require more than the limit please speak to my manager.


  3. It’s expensive to look this good. Everything I hold is available for a donation. All donations go to keeping me running and covering the cost of fuel to collect my food. Help keep me gorgeous.


  4. I am never out of date. Darlings, please don’t insult me. I may for a limited time stock items past their best before recommendation, but never past use by. This is not my first rodeo.


  5. Equity is the new sexy. Donate as much as you are comfortable with for my offerings. Donating more ‘pays it forward’ for people in crisis and outreach community groups to collect from me for free.


  6. And finally… I’m polyamorous. This means 1 partner is not enough to satisfy my needs and the needs of my community. I am always on the lookout for new partners with chilled surplus and short dated stock. If that’s you, ask for my project manager’s number. Mwah.