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Cafe in Andover

What’s Been Happening?

This week has been one of going through the hoops. 

The nature of a young nonprofit is to be very dynamic: always with a new project in the pipeline, new people to speak to, and new places to go. However, we have now gotten to a point with our Andover branch that pretty much all the heavy lifting has been done and now we simply need to do the paperwork.

We have been filling out grant applications, having meetings, and sorting out procedures to ensure we are compliant with food safety regulations. 

For any food establishment setting up processes and procedures can be a stressful process. From working with food that’s past best before we are only all too aware of stigma and lack of information surrounding food safety, which contributes to the massive amount of food wasted in the UK alone. This lack of awareness can cause some locals to report us to the local authority, and means from the amount of scrutiny we come under that we need to be air-tight.

Also as a humanitarian project it’s so important to us to be able to provide opportunities to people who don’t speak English and may struggle to find employment elsewhere. This means we also need to provide training on UK policies and procedures, and we need to ensure that our training is as accessible as possible. 

And so we have to knuckle down into the nitty gritty and make our foundations as sturdy as possible before we can stride out once more, ready for more world domination. 

A Waiting Game

We are now in a limbo period of waiting to hear if our grant applications to refurb the cafe have been successful, and trying to keep the ball rolling to pay wages and fund our food banks in the meantime with our fundraising efforts. 

Donate To Help

We have set up a paypal to help make donating to our project even easier!

Thank you darlings!

Our Kickstarter for the cafe set-up is rolling out shortly – keep your eyes peeled. 

MWAH, kisses.

Alice x

Level 2 Food Safety & Hygiene

Congratulations to our very own Svitlana for completing her level 2 food safety course ready to join us in the café!

Food Safety Award

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