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NotJUST a Slough Store

Slough, here we are!

We are very fortunate to be occupying a two storey building in Westgate Park, which we are transforming into a discount store with a community fridge and freezer. The upstairs of the building will be our main sorting hub for our Foodshares, storing aid, Pet Food Bank project, and the front is available for community projects to use for free.

Making Connections

We’ve been working on a soft launch in Slough for the last few months: patching in with Slough council and the Slough Poverty Forum, as well as Slough CVS. The goal has been to make connections for how we can help, and find the main gap that we fill.

Slough Meetings Team

Helping The Slough Community

We have discovered the most help we can provide to Slough and the local projects are our community fridges and freezers and our storage / logistics capacity – and so we are going to provide just that. 

It was looking a little bit shaky for a while when our lorry died, until Enterprise stepped in, with their capes a-flapping in a righteous wind, and are now helping us maintain our fleet. Did you know they also supply Fareshare with vehicles? What a fantastic example of using your business to help make real change in the world. Thank you Enterprise, we are so excited to be working with you!

Meet Kate

The next bit of exciting news is we have a manager for the new store! Everybody meet Kate, who has already proved herself to be a powerhouse and we are so excited to be working with her! Witamy, Kate.

Kate in Slough

The rest of the week has been us setting up the store with a skeleton crew of 3 people on any day. Non profits run mainly on passion, and we haven’t got the funds to hire an army.

Daisy (Lea) Beven - Founder

In this week we have:

Cleaned shelves, stacked shelves, moved pallets, set up the till area, and consumed numerous cups of coffee.

Daisy even braved cleaning the toilets.